Lana & Adam

10.22.17 // MEXICO CITY

Tips & tricks

  • CDMX is a safe place. But as with any safe place, there are also unsafe parts. So the golden rule is simple: DON'T BE STUPID. 
  • Stick to bottled water. Ice at restaurants is totally fine as it's always filtered and 'shipped' in. 
  • If you're going to eat street food (strongly recommended), make sure it's hot. Are there a bunch of people around rubbing their stomachs in pleasure? If so, you're good to go. Shy away from the uncooked toppings as they may have been washed in unclean water. 
  • NEVER get into a taxi. Ever. If you're part of the #deleteuber crew, it's time to pause your protest and re-download it. This is the only safe and acceptable way for you to get around. Not to mention the cheapest and most convenient way for you to ensure you don't get lost if your Spanish is not up to par. 
  • For many major cellular carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint), Mexico is already included in your monthly service fo' free. But check before you go just to be safe as you may be on an old plan that doesn't include Mexico. You'll absolutely want a phone there. See point #4. 
  • There is always a TON of traffic in CDMX. And we're sure that it's only gotten worst post earthquake. Check Google Maps and allocate extra time to get anywhere. It's a city of 21M people...
  • Events will start on time. We haven't tricked you by calling events with buffer time. See point #6. 
  • If you find yourself spending an inordinate amount of unplanned time in the bathroom, here is the number for a travel Doctor to call: 55 52 47 56 84.
  • When dialing in Mexico, please use the following tips to help make your call: 
    • If dialing Landline to Landline in Mexico (ex. calling a landline from your hotel) dial the 8-digit Mexico phone number directly.
    • If dialing Cell Phone to Landline in Mexico (ex. calling a landline from your cell phone) dial: 55-(Mexico phone number)
    • If dialing Cell Phone to Cell Phone in Mexico, dial: 551-(Mexico phone number)
    • If dialing from the US to Mexico, dial: 011-52-55-(Mexico phone number)
  • Mexico City is at a very high altitude of over 7,000 feet. This means that alcohol will hit you way faster than normal, and that you need to be diligent about staying hydrated. Be smart. 

Bursting at the seams with excitement, 
Lana & Adam